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February 17th 2014 in Motivation

engagingMotivation is to Engagement as Learning is to . . . (complete my analogy)

Not sure where to begin? Read Justin Tarte’s post here and then give this post a look, it addresses classroom routines that are critical to order in our classrooms  Big 5

Here is another helpful  link, Q & A with Larry Ferlazzo from the Washington Post 

When you think about Engagement what does it look like, how do you know students aren’t faking it, are they really learning the material? Click here for a short challenge to our belief in student engagement.

There is a connection between Engagement, Motivation and Self-Efficacy. Maybe we need to directly teach our students about how their brain works, how to achieve success, how all this work ties to learning in our social studies classrooms. Click here for a link to Engaging Brains blog post.

On your blog create a post called Engagement, complete my analogy and your thoughts about Engaging and Motivating your students.



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I grabbed this Infographic from Edudemic. What do you think? How do we help our students be successful in and out of our classroom?

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